The Holy Spirit is My Super Power

Our life is filled with hurdles: challenges that need to be accomplished, choices that need to be made, and walls that need to be torn down. 

Let the Holy Spirit be your Person of influence, be your wingMan, be your Super Power.

Ask the Holy Spirit to join you in the morning, be with you throughout the day and show you the right path. He is in you for a reason, and He is there to help, you just have to ask.

Be My Super Power

Holy Spirit help me awake refreshed and ready to become a better person and encourage me to be kind and considerate of my friends and family.
Holy Spirit reveal to me the path to success in all that I try to accomplish today and guide my family and friends in all that they attempt to do.
Holy Spirit bring me joy, peace, and love in what I say and bring me the patience to handle the words that I hear.
Holy Spirit help me appreciate all the gifts that you have given me so that I might go forth and use them for good.


by Kevin B. Leigh 11/2019

The Holy Spirit is My Super Power

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